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Nathulal and Bhola

  A recent assignment at TRI Technologies made it possible for me to get back to my first love, BEAM. Nathulal and Bhola crawled and wiggled their way into the new world a few weeks ago. Nathulal is a walker while Bhola is a phototrophic head. Both are based on the bicore principle.

  Nathulal uses a master-slave bicore arrangement to churn out appropriate walking gait patterns. A detailed explanation about such an arrangement is neatly explained on this site. A few issues related to the leg geometry still needs to be sorted out, but the overall design is functional.

  (click to enlarge)

Nathulal in the limelight Two buddies together Need some leg fixing here
Control board unplugged The basic skeleton Legs mounted on the shaft
Master-Slave Boards Connected together with a bus Yeah, those are the smd leds


Note: Replace the resistors with presets of value 1M5 and adjust them to get the correct timings.

  Bhola is a classic BEAM head that uses phototrophic bicore to control its movements.

Look here buddy Hmm.. thats better Lost again...
The two photodiodes Leds mounted on springs The circuit is dead simple
Motor connections directly soldered on to the main board The base legs were soldered to a small piece of pcb The motor shaft was hot-glued and tied to the base pcb


Note: The motors used in both the bots are miniature geared motors, rated at 5 Volts, 60ma, 80rpm. Bigger motors will reguire additional drivers such as the L293D chip.

Last Updated: 16 July 2006

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