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My Robots






  • Jugnoo and Jassi: Microcore and Bicore based walking robots.
  • Bhola Jr.: A bicore based light seeking head.
  • The Photovore Family: A collection of 8 BEAM Bugs.
  • Nathulal and Bhola : Nathulal is the walker while Bhola is a phototrophic head.
  • Kida : A simple obstacle avoiding robot
  • Light seeker : A stationary robot that turns its head towards the brightest source of light
  • Photovore : A simple light follwing robot
  • Bumpy : This was my very first autonomous robot; built around IC555 (June 2000)

Microcontroller Based:

  • Artbots: A series of line following robots with onboard sound, built for an artist.(new)
  • Micromouse 2006: My first micromouse.
  • Basanti: An advanced line following robot using PIC 18F452.
  • Dizzy: A PIC16F84A based line following robot.


Last updated: 13 October 2008

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