Taking over the world, one robot at a time.



13 August 2007:
Some SketchUp CAD designs.

20 June 2006:
A six day micromouse workshop, aka mouseTRIx, at IIT campus.

14 June 2006:
Texas Instrument's MSP430 workshop.

17 April 2006:
Chinese spinning LED display, a wonerful toy.

10 April 2006:
A workshop on line following robots was held in our college recently.

28 March 2006:
Visit to a PCB fabricator.

7 Feb2006:
Techfest 2006: the annual technical festival held at IIT Powai, Mumbai.

20 Feb 2005
Rhythm 2005: A cultural-technical festival at our college.

15 Jan 2005
HAM Fest 2004: Some pics from the HAM festival held last year.

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