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Rhythm 2005

 I was one of the event heads for the 'cultural-technical' festival, Rhythm 05, held from 2nd to 6th Feb, in our college (Atharva College of Engineering). I was looking after the robotics events. We had two events under robotics.

Level 1 was 'Mars Exploration', where a remote controlled robot had to navigate through the given terrain. Our 'Mars Exploration' soon turned into 'Dirt Racing' when our team thought that Mars wasn't exiting enough. Both, the first and the second, prizes were won by our college.

Level 2 was a line following competition in which a robot had to autonomously follow a silver tape pasted on a black surface. The line consisted of smooth and sharp as well as 90 degree turns. I won the first prize while Omkar from Don Bosco college won the second.


All dressed up for the festival!!

Ronak, giving the finishing touches

An earlier snap

time to test

The team

some more testing

now the competition starts

Noel's robot is going fast!

Akshay's line follower

View from top

another look

things are getting tough

I'm stuck, get me out!

Aliens have landed!

another line follower from a local college (VJTI)

rear view

Omkar and Sameer from Don Bosco

Their robot came second


20 feb 2005




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