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BEAM Robotics  Home to Solarbotics and their cool BEAM robotics kits  Huge collection of information  Grant's awesome collection of BEAM robots and videos  Brett Hemes's homepage, very well designed  Ian's huge BEAM website, but no more updated :-(
 Bruce Robinson  Really interesting articles and even more interesting robots
 BEAM mailing list  BEAM's official mailing list


Robotics  "The" site for robotics kits, I wish I could afford atleast 'one'  A goldmine of robotics related articles  David Cook's robotics website


Indian Robotics Web sites  The place where we build robots  The biggest technical festival in India, held at IIT, Mumbai  Robotics forums, articles, news...  Similar to roboticsindia but less active  Ashish's homepage, creator of India 's fastest micromouse  Jerry's homepage  Amol's homepage, another robot builder from IIT, Mumbai  Pratap's homepage, roboteer from Pune  Abhijt Kundu's homepage, roboteer from Kolkata  Vishy's homepage


Micromouse  The best place to get started  An active micromouse forum in UK  Ng Beng Kiat's web site  Detailed stepper motors information  Look for algorithms


Japanese Micromouse Web sites ( use google to translate the pages )  Creator of one of the smallest  micromouse  Step by step guide to building a basic micromouse  


Forums and News

 Stumbleupon  A cool way to surf the web  A very well maintained robotics news site.  Robotics news mainly from Japan and a well maintained blog


Others  I'm a big fan of this guy  Awesome site  Collection of free online lectures...mostly computer science  Crazy hacks  Daily dose of technology  Huge collection of Logos  Interesting DIY projects  Awesome illustrations  Insane've got to see this





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