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Workshop on Line Following Robots

  The workshop was a great success. Ten kits were successfully assembled and an equal number of robots were built. My friend Swapnil, captured the moments on his phone-camera.

(pardon the poor quality, click to enlarge)

Basanti's visit was a star attraction at the workshop

I and Swapnil displayed a few of our robots

Robots built by the participants, some of them built only the circuits

All the designs were unique

I think a third wheel could help

Robot built using PVC pipes.

One of the better designs built by Binu and his friends.

Rahul's attempt at building Basanti ver.2 ?

All the participants with head of department, Prof.Alaspure


After the workshop I assembled a module and clicked a few pics:

The complete board

The motor connectors and driving transistors

We decided to mount the 3mm infrared TX/RX pair on a separate board

  It's an amazing experience to see people build things that you designed! By the way, the PCB was designed using Diprace, a wonderful pcb designing software. It was recommended by a guy (thanx Nishith) I met at the IIT's Techfest06 earlier this year. Diptrace supports easy to use auto/manual routing, schematic to pcb conversion and has a 'huge' library of components. You can even download a free 30 days trial/freeware version from their site.

Just drop me a mail if you need the schematics or the pcb layout.

10 April 2006

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