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HAM Fest 2004

 We had a great time at Mumbai's first HAM Festival 2004 (24th to 26th of December). It was held at Ravindra Natya Mandir, Dadar, Mumbai. HAMs from all over India had come. We even had a HAM come all the way from Germany and few HAMs from Bangladesh. Mumbai Amateur Radio Society had taken the initiative to organize this event, for the first time in mumbai. It was a good feeling.

They had a lecture series on various topics related to HAM, and especially HAM radio in India. A good number of documentaries were also shown. On the third and the final day of the event, we were lucky to meet a local HAM ( but by no means is he local, he has stayed in Australia, Canada and toured most of the world) He was kind enough to take me and my couple of friends to his office and show his HF rig. And guess what? He even managed to make a contact with a station in Karachi, Pakistan! It was a brief conversation, but what an experience!

I took few snaps here and there. I am really sorry about the poor quality photos, it was my first day with my new digicam.

The Venue




home brewers


lunch time!









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