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Photovore Family:
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  These are some of the photovores that I build at TRI in the month of Jan 2007. The idea was to create a large family of these photovores to be displayed at IIT's annual Techfest. The design is based around a couple of very simple circuits. To add different character to each photovore, I played around with colored heat shrink tubes, tapes and medium gauge copper wires.

  The first design is based around the popular Bicore and uses smd components to keep the size to its minimum. All of them use a set of 4 AAA NiMh batteries for power. The circuit was fabricated out of thin glass-epoxy PCBs; infact the PCBs were so thin that they could be easily cut with a normal pair of scissors. This proved very beneficial since their shape was rather unusual, with acute angles, curves and slots.

This one uses smd components

It's the quickest of them all

A very early prototype (a simple tutorial to build this little monster can be found here)

A not so shinny free-forming (oxidized over a period of 2 months)

Photovore with a 'tale-light'

The wiggling tail light is really cute to watch

My colleague Anand's creation (PhotoPhobic)

The PCB cutout adds to its aggressive character

A blue scorpion variation with tactile sensor

The tactile sensor

In red

Another variation (PhotoPhobic)

A variation of the first design


A special thanks to Tushar Khatri and Anand Ramaswami for their enthusiastic help in assembling these creatures.

Last Updated: 15 August 2007

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