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"Light Seeker", the platform :
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 Light seeker began as a single robot project. As the name suggests, it directs itself towards the brightest light spot around. Its a stationary robot and seems to work well in the evenings with no sunlight around. Its behavior is very interesting to watch. When there is no light source, it rotates in search of it and when it finds a very dim source it begins to swing in its direction as if its not satisfied with it! And when it finds a bright source, it locks on to it inspite of being placed in every possible direction away from the source. 

But latter I realised that there were so many BEAM circuits that circled around the same idea, that I decided to make a single light seeking platform on which I could test the various 'head' circuits. In this way, the common elements like the motor and the battery remained the same while the brain controlling them, varied. For me this was the most economical way to get the things worked out.

'Light seeker' with the first card:

Light Head as proposed by Wilf Rigter: (Card 1)

Microcore Based Head: (Card 2)




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