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 Bumpy, as the name suggests, was made to bump. Basically, it bumps into anything that comes in its way and then turns away from it. This is the most common thing done by any robot and there are many ways you can make it do it. I wanted to use an IC555 timer circuit (there are much better ways to do it, as used in my next robot). The reason I wanted to use this circuit was to learn more about IC555 and what can be made out of it.

Once, around June 2000, I was working on an IC555 based timer circuit. Then 'Eureka', I figured out a simple way in which this circuit could be used for a robot (later I realized that I wasn't the first to figure it out). Anyway, it was a proof that my brain could really work ;-)

Today, Bumpy rests in peace in the robot graveyard.


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