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13 October 2008
 Artbots: These robots were built for Shilpa Gupta, an independent artist based here in Mumbai. The idea was to have a set of robots follow a line pattern on the floor and chant out a pre-recorded message.


The robots were showcased at Shilpa’s exhibitions in Bodhi, Berlin (June 2008) and more recently at Bodhi Space, Mumbai (it’s on display till Oct end; do catch a glimpse if you can!)

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28 September 2008
 I recently completed a cycling expedition in Leh-Ladhak through the YHAI camp. But wait, this post is not about the expedition. You can find the Flickr set here.

 I hadn’t cycled for years and wanted to cycle again. But suddenly heading for a high altitude (11500 feet) 240Km+ long adventure could have proved disastrous. The expedition was a perfect opportunity to invest in a new cycle and reignite the lost passion. So a month prior to the trip, I bought myself a Suncross mountain bike and began practicing. It soon occurred to me that a speedo/odometer could prove very handy. I simply couldn’t resist the temptation of building one myself than to invest in an off-the-shelf solution. But the month kept me busy in other things and the speedo project could never see the light of day.

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26 August 2008
 A day at TRI; rare glimpse inside TRI a.k.a. ThinkLabs. Click on the images below to access the Flickr set.


12 June 2008
  New look. I'm hoping to add a few new sections and update the rest in the coming weeks. So stay tuned and thank you for visiting!

08 November 2007
  Theres a new kid on the block this Diwali. He is fast, reliable and kinda cute.


I’ve been using the homebuilt Multi-PIC programmer for almost 4 years now. It has served me well through all those years. But recently when I tried to venture into the 16 bit domain, it failed me. And ofcourse, how can I deny the fact that it is rs232 based and requires some crazy voltages for operation. After looking out for some easy diy usb based programmers and reading suggestions on a local forum, I concluded that buying the PICkit 2 would be a sensible choice.
If you are into PIC development, I highly recommend investing in the Microchip's USB based programmer. PICkit 2 supports most of the PIC families including the 16 bit dsPIC series. An ideal geeky gift this Diwali. ^_^

29 August 2007
  Jugnoo and Jassi are now online...


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18 August 2007
  Basanti and Micromouse can now be seen in action. Even though these videos are more than a year old, I decided to upload them anyway...

 The above video dates back to Jan 2006. Its one of the very early maze  tests for the micromouse. The maze was built out of thermocol sheets.  This was taken somewhere in Feb 2006. I was preparing Basanti for a  local line following robotics competition.


15 August 2007
  Heres a long overdue update on the BEAM bots built earlier this year; "The Photovore Family"

Happy Indian Independence Day !!

13 August 2007
  Apart from designing and building robots, I do a lot of SketchUping at the office. It’s been just over a year since I discovered it. Be it writing assembly guides for our robot kits or while designing TRI's booths at technical festivals; it comes in real handy. I’m not a CAD expert myself, but with this, the results are quite satisfying. Here are a few screenshots:

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1 July 2007

  It was time to say farewell to Basanti, Gulabo and most of the BEAM bots built a few years ago. The harsh coastal air of Mumbai had turned most of these naked pieces of machinery into oxidized junk. I had been hoarding them for obvious sentimental values but I let it all go today. I also threw away a lot of electronic circuit boards taken out from old telephones, fax machines, computers and radios. I was planning to scavenge some components out of them but soon realized that it just wasn’t worth the effort. The idea of getting rid of this toxic e-waste seemed more logical. And as a bonus, it created some more breathing space in my bedroom. But I do plan to fill it up with some new ‘naked pieces of machinery’ soon. Did I just hear myself choke?

On the other hand, I finally took the badly needed break from my office. The monsoons are here and the timing couldn’t have been any better. I need to get a few important things figured out in the meantime and take my GRE. My rebellion attitude during the college years has come to haunt me now. I never really gave priority to scoring high in exams; passing was just about enough for me. I devoted most of the time to my hobby of building robots. The college provided me with ample of time to pursue this fantasy. My acads took a real beating during this time. Why would I want to score high? To stand first in the class? Na…To get a good job? Na…I was never concerned about getting a job. To better my prospects of getting into a good graduate school? Bull’s-eye! And that’s when I realized I had screwed up. I did manage to score good in my final semester but probably that was a bit too late. I don’t regret any of this at all. But what I do regret is the fact that during this period I also managed to learn 'the fine art of procrastination'. And this has come to haunt me now. Studying has never been so difficult.

After watching the rerun of the Rocky series recently, I’m determined to stay focused; eye of the tiger. Now only if that was as easy as watching the movie.

29 January 2007
  What happens when you are putting in 15hrs at work, building dozens of robots, conducting workshops and doing backbreaking commuting? Well, you are left with an unupdated homepage! So here's a belated happy new year !
  Yesterday, IIT Bombay's 10th Techfest was concluded. TRI had setup a booth at the R&D exhibition and was really well received. A part of my assignment was to design and build a dozen of BEAM robots for the display. Even though I had only a few weeks in hand, I'm quite satisfied with the end result.

Walker 2007

Pics of all the robots will be put up soon.


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